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St Wojciech’s Hospital in Poznań offers comprehensive medical care in the field of general surgery. In order to guarantee our patients the highest quality service we furnished our hospital with professional surgical and diagnostic equipment. We carry out operations with the use of classical operating techniques and the so-called “one-day surgery” techniques, which are less invasive. Laparoscopic surgery methods allow patients to return to their normal activities more quickly and lower the risk of post-operative complications. First, our doctors thoroughly collect the patient’s medical case history and later they make a proper diagnosis and show the best way of treatment, offering hospitalization with full care if needed, not only in a post-operative period but also in the course of rehabilitation. Both high qualifications of our surgeons and state-of-the-art equipment at our hospital allows for effective treatment of a large number of internal diseases, for example diseases of the arteries and veins, gall bladder, small intestine and colon, stomach, varicose veins, abdominal and inguinal hernias, thyroid, mammary glands, anus, fresh and chronic wounds.

Apart from regular consultations and surgical treatment, St Wojciech’s Hospital also carries out minor treatments, for example:
• removal of skin lesions (moles, lipomas, atheromas, warts, growths),
• removal of ingrown nails,
• incision of abscesses, atheromas,
• suturing wounds,
• removal of stitches,
• exchange catheters,
• application of plaster casts.

Our specialists

Łukasz Gmerek, MD/PhD

healthcare director
specialist in general surgery

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Łukasz Gmerek, MD/PhD

Monday 9 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 2 – 5 pm
Saturday 12 am – 3 pm

Andrzej Ratajczak, MD/PhD

Thursday 5 -7 pm

Jerzy Skrobisz, MD/ PhD


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