Optometry Specialist Clinic

”Optometry is a discipline within the field of applied knowledge, which is interested in the process of seeing, and in particular protecting, stimulating, maintaining and developing this process” (The Polish Society of Optometry and Optics).
An optometry clinic is designed to:

  • identify the patient’s problem of blurred vision,
  • analyze the patient’s expectations in connection with their vision correction and determine and adjust the patient’s visual acuity to their work and hobby,
  • diagnose disorders of vision and propose the best way to correct the patient’s refractive error.

An optometry clinic operates in collaboration with an ophthalmologist clinic. During eye examination tests all measurement procedures are carefully selected based on the standards set up by The Polish Society of Optometry and Optics and by The American Optometric Association. They are as follows:

  • measurement of the visual acuity of the patient,
  • keratometry,
  • non-contact tonometry,
  • measurement of the refractive error,
  • measurement of the best possible vision acuity,
  • adjustment of lens power for distance, near vision and, if necessary, for intermediate distances,
  • study of the aspects of binocular vision and eye movements,
  • examination of the anterior segment of the eyeball.

In case there is a suspicion of an eye disease or eye disorder, an optometrist suggests further treatment and refers the patient to a specialist for a consultation.

Selection of contact lenses.
The selection of contact lenses consists of three stages (2-3 visits to an optometry clinic):

  • a comprehensive optometric examination as a result of which the patient may be classified as a contact lens wearer,
  • the first application of contact lenses combined with learning to put them on, remove them and store and care for them,
  • check-up visit to an eye doctor who will prescribe optimal parameters for contact lenses.

The benefits of wearing contact lenses:

  • more natural image formed on the retina,
  • larger field of view,
  • greater freedom of movement,
  • greater comfort during sports,
  • improvement in the quality of life,
  • no need for a continuous wear of glasses.

Only by strictly following the specialist’s recommendations the patient can fully enjoy their life as a contact lens wearer.

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