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Proctology is a branch of surgery which concentrates on the diseases of the colon and rectum. A proctologist is a specialist who diagnoses and provides treatment for inflammatory and cancerous diseases of these internal organs. Often, the symptoms
can be unpleasant for the patient and they may recur, so it is advisable to consult with a specialist as soon as possible. The specialists at St Wojciech’s Hospital in Poznań are available for consultations in the following cases: purulent bleeding and leakage from the rectum, shallow and deep abscesses, purulent and oozing discharges near the anus, rectal pain, or during fecal and flatal incontinence, which are age-related or occur after traumas and childbirth. If you experience any of the above-mentioned distressing symptoms, you should immediately contact a proctologist.

Apart from proctological consultations and qualification for surgical treatment, in our Proctology Clinic of St Wojciech’s Hospital we provide the following medical treatments:

  • rectoscopy with a biopsy,
  • anoscopy,
  • diagnostics and oncological treatment of diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract,
  • incision and treatment of perianal abscesses,
  • diagnostics and treatment of perianal fistulas,
  • diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) (ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease),
  • removal of blood clots in the anal canal,
  • sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids in the anal canal,
  • botulinum toxin treatment for anal fissure,
  • treatment of anal infections during pregnancy and in the perinatal period,
  • diagnostics and treatment of the genital warts in the anal canal,
  • diagnostics and treatment of pruritus ani (itchy bottom),
  • diagnostics and treatment of painful ailments in the anal canal.

Our specialists

Łukasz Gmerek, MD/PhD

healthcare director
specialist in general surgery

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Łukasz Gmerek, MD/PhD

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