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St Wojciech’s Hospital in Poznań is equipped with a computed tomography system to perform specialized imaging procedures. Exams using specialized equipment (computed tomography system) enable quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases of the osteoarticular and central nervous systems, chest, abdominal cavity and pelvis.

CT scans are performed in scheduled examinations as well as in emergency diagnostics. Computed tomography is currently the basic imaging modality which enables visualising structures inside the skull, especially in stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic), brain tumours and posttraumatic hematomas.
The advantages of this diagnostic method are non-invasiveness, accuracy and short examination time, which varies depending on the tested anatomical region.

Due to exposure to ionizing radiation, a referral form from the treating doctor is required.

Preparing for the examination

Prepare adequately before computed tomography. On the day of the examination please take:

  • an ID bearing a photograph
  • examination referral form filled legibly by a medical doctor, signed and stamped (original)
  • it is advisable to bring medical records of previously performed tests and procedures (discharge summaries, descriptions of ultrasound, angiographic and CT exams, reports from specialist consultations) and a list of medications you are taking
  • result of the creatinine blood test, which is necessary for exams requiring delivery of a contrast agent, as it characterises renal function.

CT scans performed without intravenous contrast do not require special preparation (these include CT scans of joints, bones, spine, paranasal sinuses, temporal bones and high resolution CT scans of the chest).

For scans involving intravenous administration of contrast (e.g. CT angiography and exams for assessment of soft tissues, such as CT scans of the head, neck, chest, abdominal cavity), please follow these instructions:

  • Please come on an empty stomach – do not eat anything or drink caloric beverages (coffee, juices) for at least 6 hours before the scheduled time of scan.
  • On the day of the examination, it is advisable to drink several glasses of still water.
  • Take any medications you use on a permanent basis with the exception of the antidiabetic drug metformin. Metformin must be withheld 48 hours before and 24 hours after the scan with contrast medium. A consultation with your treating doctor is recommended.
  • Before performing the scan we require a recent result of serum creatinine. If the result is not within norm, you cannot have a CT scan.
  • Before having a contrast-enhanced examination of abdominal cavity and/or pelvis. drink 0.5 litres of still water 30 minutes before the exam and stay with a full bladder.
  • After the exam it is recommended to drink a more than usual amount of liquid.
  • You will remain under observation for approx. 20 min after the exam.

Due to exposure to ionizing radiation, a referral form from the treating doctor is required.
ATTENTION: Pregnancy is a contraindication for a CT exam!

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