Implant dentistry

What does implant dentistry deal with?

Implant dentistry is a modern, reliable, and safe method of restoring beautiful smile. The use of implants is the only solution that makes it possible to achieve a durable esthetic result and improvement in masticatory function that may have been compromised by tooth loss.

Dental implants are an excellent restoration of dental function and aesthetics. Implants are used commonly and provide the patients with beautiful smile, uninhibited speaking, comfort while eating, and they are the only means to protect the patient from bone loss that occurs after tooth extraction. In comparison to dentures, bridges, unaesthetic metallic clamps, when using implants, we do not cause any danger for adjacent teeth, e.g. their loss or destruction.

Apart from improvement in life quality (getting back the sense of natural teeth), durability is the most important advantage of implants. Implant-supported prosthodontic restoration may last until the Patient’s death, and the Patient has life-long guarantee for the implant, which means that at St. Wojciech’s Hospital in Poznan the patient does not have to pay even if implantation needs to be performed once again.

Nowadays, implants are gaining more and more popularity. This is something that almost everybody has heard of, and more and more patients, e.g. in Poznan, chooses implant-based restorations instead of bridges or conventional dentures that are uncomfortable. Thanks to the use of implants, we do not have to prepare often healthy teeth if we want to restore a lost tooth, which is the situation while preparation for conventional bridges.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the elements that replace the natural root of a tooth. It is a perfect solution for patients with tooth loss. A dental implant functions just like the root of a natural tooth, and, therefore, is an excellent base for future prosthodontic restoration.

Implantation is performed by inserting an implant – i.e. a titanium screw – into osseous structures of maxilla and mandible. The screw then grows into the bone, and forms a perfect base for the crown. The procedure is painless. It is often performed in local anaesthesia, which provides additional comfort without the loss of consciousness to the Patient.

Is having an implant worth it?

Tooth loss leads to huge discomfort in the following areas:

  • In aesthetics and function (masticatory disorder).
  • Psychologically (constant anxiety, no self-confidence).
  • Socially (beautiful, full smile is an advantage both in personal and in professional life).


Since several years, dental implants have been the perfect solution to these problems. They:

  • reactivate natural and beautiful smile in the Patient;
  • make it possible to restore missing teeth;
  • provide full physical and mental comfort to the Patient;
  • guarantee perfect aesthetics and natural appearance of dentition;
  • make it possible to avoid problems usually associated with conventional prosthodontic restorations (taking out dentures, preparing teeth).

Dental implant and the tooth:

  • Dental implant is a titanium screw which resembles the root of the tooth perfectly
  • Together with a prosthodontic crown mounted on the implant using an abutment, it restores missing teeth in the best way out of all dental solutions.
  • Implantation does not require hospitalisation. It is performed within one appointment in local anaesthesia and is often less invasive than extraction.


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