General anesthesia

What do we offer?

Patients that are particularly sensitive to pain and showing fear of dental treatment, we offer treatment in general anaesthesia.

we perform the following procedures in general anesthesia:

  • Dental surgical procedures .
  • Implant Dentistry procedures.

Medical care

Such procedures are performed by clinicians at the Dental Clinic in an operating theatre, and its total cost is each time adapted individually, as it depends in greater part on the procedures performed and duration of the procedure.

When a procedure is performed in general anaesthesia, two teams take part in it – the dental team, and the anaesthesiology team. Apart from a dental specialist and anaesthesiologist, assisting staff is there – dental assistants and a qualified anaesthesiology nurse who accompanies at general anaesthesia.


Before the treatment itself begins, the Patient or his/her legal guardian in case the Patient is a child or if contact is difficult, talks to the anaesthesiologist who decides whether the Patient qualifies for surgery. Then, the clinician asks in detail for disorders, familiarises him/herself with the Patient’s medical history and asks about coexisting other disorders that may possibly constitute a contraindication to surgery – e.g. allergy confirmed in tests. According to the organism and individual predisposing factors, waking the Patient may last from several minutes to a few hours. 2 hours after surgery the patient regains full consciousness, and remains under the care of our specialist in the ward for 8-12 hours after surgery. An additional form of support used by anaesthesiologists is premedication, e.g. pharmacological sedation that constitutes the Preparation of the Patient to the proper general anaesthesia.

Equipment and technology

The highest quality of equipment at our Hospital and the experience of our clinicians make it possible to perform the procedures in the safest and most professional way possible.

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