Radical prostatectomy (removal of prostate)

Indications and contraindications:

  • localised prostate cancer.
  • prostate cancer metastasizing to bones and internal organs,
  • massive blood clotting disorders, coagulopathies.

Treatment options:

The procedure is performed as an open or laparoscopic surgery. The prostate, together with seminal vesicles and pelvic lymph nodes, is removed.
During the procedure a catheter is inserted (through the urethra) and remains there for 8 to 14 days.


A specialist in urology prepares a treatment plan on the basis of the patient’s prostate biopsy results, imaging test results and the clinical picture.

Before the procedure:

  • Routine laboratory tests with a blood coagulation panel.
  • Consultation with an anaesthetist.
  • Urinalysis and urine culture.
  • Additional imaging tests (MRI, CT, skeletal scintigraphy) in locally advanced prostate cancer / high or medium risk cases.
  • Shaving of the lower abdomen and the genital area.
  • Anticoagulant medications should be discontinued 2 to 7 days before the procedure, depending on individual medications.


The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts between 2 and 3 hours. After the procedure the Foley catheter is left in the bladder and a drain is left in the wound.

After the procedure:

  • you will be mobilised on the 1st post-operative day,
  • your diet will be gradually advanced from the 1st postoperative day,
  • you will receive pain medications administered intravenously or through an epidural catheter,
  • you will receive intravenous fluids (drips), antibiotics, gastroprotective medications during the 1st post-operative days,
  • the drain is usually removed on the 2nd or 3rd post-operative day,
  • the Foley’s drain is removed between the 8th and 14th postoperative day, depending on the result of the leak test of the bladder neck anastomosis,
  • the hospital stay lasts for 3 to 6 days after the procedure,
  • after the Foley’s catheter is removed you will start internal sphincter exercises,
  • you should have a follow-up PSA test about 6 weeks after the procedure.

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