Eyelid ectropion surgery

What is an ectropion?

Ectropion is the outward turning of the eyelid margin. Usually the lower lid is affected. Several types of ectropion have been recognised:

  • congenital,
  • involutional,
  • spastic,
  • cicatricial,
  • mechanical.

Involutional ectropion is the most common type of ectropion caused by a flaccid eyelid. When the eyelid is turned outward and its edge does not touch the eyeball, the conjunctiva becomes dry and prone to infection. Chronic ectropion is manifested by a pronounced reddening and swelling of the eyelid. Ectropion patients report feeling a foreign body in the eye, tearing (lacrimation) and accumulation of cloudy fluid in the conjunctival sac.

What is eyelid ectropion surgery?

The choice of treatment procedure depends on the type of ectropion. Before surgery it is necessary to determine whether the ectropion occurs in the anterior lamella (the skin and orbicularis) or in the posterior lamella (the tarsus and conjunctiva).

Before surgery:

Prior to scheduled surgery, patients are requested to:

  • stop taking anticoagulant drugs but only in consultation with the family doctor, cardiologist or other specialist,
  • present a medical health certificate issued by a specialist stating that the patient is fit for oculoplastic surgery.

About the procedure:

During surgery the ophthalmologist corrects the position of the eyelid. The skin is sutured and stitches are removed after 5-7 days. Immediately after surgery and in the next few days bruising may persist at the operation site.

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