Process of implantation


Determination of the Patient’s expectations concerning the final result is performed during consultation. That is why an implant consultation before surgery is inevitable. In selected cases, implantation can be performed only after the Patient has been prepared before. In order to achieve perfect results, reconstruction surgery within the bone or soft tissues or orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

During the consultation, the clinician determined treatment method and costs. This is also the moment to talk about guarantee and responsibility – both the clinician’s, and the Patient’s.


Receiving information concerning the Patient’s health is an inevitable aspect that guarantees that treatment is successful. Also, it is necessary for legal purposes. The Patient informs the clinician about previous diseases, taken medications, surgical procedures, and other worrying symptoms.

During the interview, we also talk about smoking – a habit that significantly limits regeneration within soft tissues. That is why the Patient needs to be aware that success in treatment is basically impossible without abstaining from smoking directly after the procedure, but also within the following months.

The filled-in questionnaire by the Patient and His/Her signature is the confirmation that we got the information.


Before implantation is performed, general oral health is assessed. During the examination, the patient needs to answer questions concerning oral hygiene habits. Also, issues concerning gingival bleeding, inflammatory lesions and increased tooth mobility are crucial.

A detailed analysis of the following features is performed:

  • Soft tissues (colour and thickness of mucosa).
  • General state of dentition and periodontium (Plaque, calculus, caries).
  • Edentulous areas (particularly those in which implant placement is planned).


Taking a diagnostic x-ray is one of the most important stages preceding implantation. On the basis of an x-ray, we evaluate the amount and quality of the bone that forms the support for the implant. Often, we ask you to perform CT as it visualizes the amount of bone tissue and, more importantly, bone density. CT (computed tomography), thanks to modern 3D imaging technique, makes it possible to plan the position and types of implants perfectly. This technique also enables us to prepare prosthodontic restoration before the procedure, which makes it possible for us to place it directly after surgery. This reduces the number of appointments from a few to one.

Panoramic x-ray makes it possible to assess:

  • The state of teeth
  • The state of bone,
  • Maxillary sinuses.

General tests

If we have some doubts concerning soft tissue and bone healing, as well as the Patient’s systemic health, we refer you to the following tests:

  • Blood count,
  • Sedimentation rate,
  • Bleeding and clotting time,
  • glucose,
  • HbS,
  • HIV,
  • TSH, T3, T4,
  • Plasma level of calcium, sodium, potassium.

Planned treatment

After collecting and analysing all necessary pieces of information, we provide the Patient with full available information concerning the implantation procedure, i.e. the methods and area of implantation and the schedule of procedures. In most cases, we prepare two or three methods available for treatment. They differ in the number of implants, prosthodontic restoration, and costs.

It should be taken into account that assessing the costs of implant-prosthodontic treatment with 100% guarantee before the treatment begins is impossible. The Patient’s health may change, or some other things may happen of which our staff cannot be held responsible (changes in schedule due to the Patient’s reasons). In such situations, treatment costs may change.

Informed consent to treatment

Before each implantation procedure, as well as before each other procedure performed in the dental Patient, the Patient has to sign informed consent. The aim of this stage is to confirm by the Patient that the information told by the clinician are comprehensible and that the Patient expresses consent to have the procedure performed.

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