Preparation for treatment

We treat Patients in all age groups at the Dental Clinic at St. Wojciech’s Hospital.

Currently, there are no contraindications for placing braces even in elderly patients.
Various types of malocclusion in adult (and elderly) patients may be corrected in the same way as it is in younger patients.

Orthodontic appliances that are available nowadays are not only smaller and more elegant, but can also be invisible. Patients who are active professionally do not have to worry that wearing braces will limit their activity and activity. Today, having braces does not limit any kind of activity. It is so due to the materials used for braces manufacturing, as well as technological advances.

In the era of advanced in technology and treatment methods, almost 90% of all malocclusion cases can be treated successfully. That is how the Patient can get a smile that is not only beautiful, but, more importantly, healthy.

Our orthodontist will provide you with the device on what type of appliances is going to fulfil your needs.

Stages of orthodontic treatment

  1. DIAGNOSIS – during the first appointment, we check the Patient’s occlusion, take impressions in order to prepare plaster models, take x-rays (panoramic and cephalometric) and analyse them
  2. TREATMENT PLAN – after analysing all data concerning malocclusion in each patient, we prepare an optimum treatment plan a.
  4. CONTROL APPOINTMENTS – optimally every 4-6 weeks, the duration of treatment depends on various factors. The treatment usually lasts 1.5-2 years.
  6. RETENTION – manufacturing retention appliances that allows to fix the treatment outcome.

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