Eyelid lump surgery

Can neoplastic lesion occur on or around the eyelids?

Numerous benign and malignant neoplastic lesions may develop on the skin around the eyes. The main goal in the ophthalmological treatment of periorbital skin lesions is to diagnose whether a given lesion is malignant or benign.

What are the most common neoplastic lesions found in the periorbital region?

  Malignant lesions

The most common malignant lesions occurring around the eyelids are basal cell carcinoma and keratoacanthoma while sebaceous gland carcinoma and melanoma occur less frequently.

  Benign lesions

The most common benign lesions include seborrheic keratosis, verruca vulgaris, squamous cell carcinoma, epidermoid inclusion cysts (milia), xanthomas, chalazia, benign sebaceous gland tumours, benign pigmented skin lesions (naevi) and other lesions.

Is it always necessary to examine the excised lesion histologically?

A slit lamp examination is not sufficient to differentiate malignant tumours from benign tumours. Therefore, a histological examination of resected neoplastic tissue is always recommended.

What are the risk factors for malignant skin tumours?

  • history of skin carcinoma,
  • excessive exposure to sunlight,
  • prior radiotherapy treatment,
  • smoking,
  • fair skin, red hair and blue eyes.

What are the symptoms of a malignant eyelid tumour?

  • slow-growing, painless masses,
  • ulcerated masses with occasional leaking, bleeding or crust formation over the lesion,
  • irregular pigmented skin lesions,
  • disorders of the eyelid margin, loss of eye lashes,
  • elevated, pale pinkish lump margins,
  • minor blood vessels prominent on the surface of the lesion,
  • loss of natural skin wrinkles.

Before surgery:

Prior to scheduled surgery, patients are requested to:

  • stop taking anticoagulant drugs but only in consultation with the family doctor, cardiologist or other specialist,
  • present a medical health certificate issued by a specialist stating that the patient is fit for oculoplastic surgery.

About the procedure:

Eyelid lump surgery is a treatment of choice where in addition to the lesion itself the surrounding healthy tissue is also removed. This procedure enables total lump removal. To arrive at a diagnosis, after surgery the excised skin fragments are examined histologically.
After removing a wide rim of surrounding tissue it is necessary to fill the eyelid defect. In case of minor defects suturing the edges of the wound is sufficient. In case of larger defects eyelid reconstruction surgery is necessary to reconstruct the eyelid and achieve the best possible functional and cosmetic results.

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