Treatment without fear

Child at the dentist’s– without fear, without pain

The first dental appointment may influence the Child’s further approach to dental treatment. Becoming familiarised with the dental office gradually during adaptation appointments seems a perfect solution.

However, there are some cases in which a young Patient who already requires treatment comes to the dentist’s.

Fear and stress strongly influence the whole dental appointment. High stress-levels in children often make it impossible for the dentist to do anything. Such situation is difficult both for the child, and for the parents.

When the breath is the tranquiliser…

Currently, more and more modern dental offices offer inhalation sedation as a means of ensuring comfort to young Patients. This method involves the administration of flavourless gas through a fruit-scented mask put on the nose.

„Inhalation with nitric oxide is safe and harmless. It can be used successfully in children above the age of 3 who cooperate with the dentist and have good contact with the clinician. The gas calms the child and makes it follow the dentist’s instructions more eagerly. Moreover, the gas also has slight anaesthetising action, which makes it easier to perform the procedures” – says Dr. Andrzej Wawrzyniak, DDS.

Inhalation sedation is particularly indicated for Patients who present high stress- and anxiety levels, as well as for children with psychomotor hyperactivity and gag reflex due to nervous stimuli. Sedation is also helpful while performing dental procedures in paediatric patients with asthma or epilepsy, as it lowers the risk of an attack caused by stress.
As Dr. Wawrzyniak underlines, „no preparation is needed for the young Patient for a sedation appointment. Apart from abstaining from eating for 2 hours before the procedure, it is important that the Child has no obstruction in the nose, as breathing through the nose is necessary. The effect of gas stops a few minutes after the procedure.”

Nitric oxide can be used not only in children, but also in adults. It can be successfully used in treating older children and adult patients, in whom a dental appointment is associated with high stress levels.

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